Did Your Doctor Fail To Diagnose Cancer? Consult With An Attorney Who Has An M.D.

After you have suffered harm because of a medical provider's failure to diagnose cancer, an attorney's advice may be as important as any doctor's opinion. You and your family may face great financial burdens at the same time that you struggle with the harsh prospect of lost opportunities to treat your cancer. A well-investigated medical malpractice claim or lawsuit may provide much-needed resources to cope with resulting expenses and losses. The McDonough Law Office in Woodstown, Salem County, New Jersey, is a valuable source of information and help for people harmed by a doctor's negligent failure to diagnose cancer.

Time is of the essence in the face of symptoms of cancer. You may have made an appointment with your doctor as soon as you noticed a lump, unexplained bleeding or other unexplained physical problems. What happened next? Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Did your doctor disregard your complaints and fail to examine you thoroughly?
  • Did your doctor misdiagnose your ailment as something minor, perhaps sending you home with a prescription or instructions for some other malady that was not on target?
  • Did your doctor order tests but fail to report back to you when the clinic received "positive" results for those tests?
  • Did a diagnostic laboratory misread results of tests ordered by your doctor, thereby missing the diagnosis?
  • Did your doctor tell you about a positive test result — but much later than when he or she received word of it?

The McDonough Law Office understands the statistical chances that cancer patients sometimes face. Our attorneys also understand the challenging circumstances under which doctors, medical clinic staff and lab technicians work. They often deal with dozens of patients and patients' test result reports every day. Even with good checks and balances in place, a few patients will unfortunately fall through the cracks because of human error or other reasons. Legal action may be necessary for a cancer patient and his or her family to move forward financially after a serious medical mistake.

Other Misdiagnosis Errors With Serious Outcomes

Other serious illnesses and conditions also sometimes go undiagnosed, with serious consequences. If a doctor failed to diagnose a heart attack, stroke, meningitis or E. coli in a timely manner, you and your family should consult with a lawyer. Discuss your case with Martin T. McDonough, M.D., J.D., or one of our other attorneys at no charge. Call 856-624-3644 or send an email after your condition has worsened or after you have lost a family member to an untimely death when a doctor failed to diagnose a serious illness in time to get the right treatments.