Experienced Legal Counsel For Families Of Children With Injuries Occurring At Birth

At The McDonough Law Office in Woodstown, Salem County, New Jersey, our attorneys provide prompt and sound advice for families of babies injured during labor or delivery. Martin T. McDonough M.D., J.D., applies his medical knowledge and experience to help move cases along without delay. In practical terms, this means once you take advantage of our offer of a free consultation, you can expect a thoughtful and efficient evaluation. Our experience helps us ask the right questions and dig for evidence in the right corners. We can help you determine the next steps to take for the sake of your child injured during any part of the birthing process:

  • Through negligence during prenatal care such as misinterpreted genetic screening or an OB-GYN's failure to diagnose and plan for known risk factors
  • Because of errors during labor, such as nurses' failure to monitor or respond to signs of fetal distress
  • As a result of misguided maneuvers by the obstetrician or omissions during delivery
  • By a medical provider's failure to act promptly and appropriately during the postnatal period of the first hours or days after birth — such as failure to monitor bilirubin levels when jaundice is present, to prevent kernicterus

Birth injury cases are among the most challenging medical malpractice cases. You can expect stiff opposition if you bring an injury claim or lawsuit on behalf of your baby who suffered any of the following during the birthing process:

  • A shoulder injury (shoulder dystocia)
  • A brain injury (cerebral palsy)
  • A medical condition that could have been prevented or lessened with proper medical attention before, during or after birth

The McDonough Law Office screens cases carefully and often takes on difficult cases, including maternal injury cases. We and our clients press on not only to pursue compensation for an injured baby but also to set legal precedents that may protect future babies and families.

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From The McDonough Law Office in Woodstown, we welcome the opportunity to listen to the facts of your birth injury case and offer preliminary recommendations in a free consultation. We have handled claims and lawsuits of all types on behalf of parents whose babies have suffered injuries occurring at birth. Lawyers are ready to meet with you. Call 856-624-3644 or send an email to schedule a consultation.