Advising Patients Injured Through Nursing Errors

In medical clinics, nursing homes and hospitals, patients typically spend more time with nurses and other staff members than with doctors. Nurses have a duty of care to patients they are responsible for. They need to communicate clearly, follow doctors' orders and help with administration of treatments, tests and medication. When something goes wrong in the health care process and a patient is injured as a result, it is important to look at all possible sources of error, including nurses.

Harm to a patient occurring partially or fully because of nursing errors may include medication errors, surgical errors and treatment errors. Factors of hospital system errors, including nursing errors, may include miscommunication between shifts or mistakes in administration of medications. Sometimes, nurses have mistakenly taken actions that should have been done by physicians. In other cases, they have failed to act on a doctor's orders. An investigation into a medical malpractice matter sometimes reveals that a nurse failed to report critical information (such as evidence of fetal distress during labor) to a doctor in a timely manner.

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The vast majority of nurses work hard to protect their patients' well-being. Most are skilled and attentive. In rare cases of injury caused by nursing errors, an attorney's insights can provide direction about whether there is sufficient evidence to bring an injury claim. To schedule a consultation with a nursing malpractice lawyer in the Salem, New Jersey, area, call 856-624-3644 or send an email through this website.