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Careful drivers may be able to avoid car accidents

| Aug 24, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New Jersey motorists know that the roads are rife with unsafe drivers. However, there are many ways to prevent car accidents from occurring. By following a few tips, it’s possible to avoid being one of the aforementioned unsafe motorists.

First of all, one shouldn’t drive while distracted. This means no using cell phones to talk or text, not eating or applying make-up, reading or reaching into the backseat for something. In addition, motorists should concentrate on driving and the road ahead. Not paying attention for even a second could result in a motor vehicle accident.

Drivers also need to obey traffic laws such as speed limits. They should also signal when turning, watch for traffic signs and leave a safe distance between cars. Driving defensively is a wise policy as well. Motorists should watch what other drivers are doing and keep a safe distance between themselves and vehicles that are being driven erratically.

A driver also needs to be aware of how their car operates and its limitations. They should know its turning capabilities, keep the vehicle maintained and be sure to replace tires and brakes when necessary.

Unfortunately, a motorist cannot control what other drivers do. Therefore, motor vehicle accidents will still happen. Someone who has been injured in a car crash caused by a negligent driver may meet the criteria for compensation through a personal injury claim. A personal injury attorney may be able to explain eligibility, types of compensation available and the process of getting this compensation. Legal counsel could handle the claims process, allowing the victim a more stress-free recovery process.