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Certain drivers more likely to drive while using their phones

| Aug 6, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is a major road hazard in the state of New Jersey and across the nation. For example, those who use their smartphones to text while they are driving are six times more likely to become involved in a car crash than those who do not. However, even though many drivers are aware of just how dangerous texting and driving may be, they are willing to take the risk.

A study identified four profiles of drivers who were generally more likely to be involved in distracted driving. For example, the study found that female drivers were more likely to drive while distracted. Furthermore, drivers who did not have positive views of safety were more likely to drive while distracted. Drivers who had poor risk assessment and drivers who frequently used their phones to call or text were more likely to drive while distracted than other drivers.

The study also looked at certain behaviors when it came to smartphone use while driving. Many drivers, for example, used their phones while their vehicle was stopped at a light. Even so, 68 percent of the participants in the study said that they were not fully convinced of the dangers of texting and driving.

Distracted drivers may be more likely to cause severe motor vehicle accidents due to the fact that they are not fully paying attention to the road in front of them. As such, they may not slow down at a red light or drift into another vehicle when looking down at their phones. Because severe car accident injuries can have an impact on a person’s future health, a personal injury attorney may help the injured person seek compensation from the driver responsible for the accident. The attorney may even negotiate directly with the driver’s insurance company out of court to settle the case faster so that the injured person can focus on recovery.