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November 2018 Archives

Medical errors pose a threat for American patients

While many people in New Jersey and across the county identify health care as a major political issue, the consequences of medical errors have largely been kept outside of the public debate. Across the country, medical mistakes are the third most common cause of death, a figure that first drew attention in 2000. The Institute of Medicine issued a report noting that over 100,000 Americans may lose their lives each year due to preventable errors. As health care technology has improved, the mistakes have continued, and some estimate that even more people may be at risk in the present from these types of issues.

Evening hours pose greatest risk for accidents

Motorists in New Jersey and across the United States are in greater danger of being involved in a motor vehicle accident when driving at night versus daytime driving. The National Safety Council estimates that driving at night puts drivers at three times a greater risk of being involved in an accident. When Daylight Savings Time ends each year, more people drive home from work in the dark. Because driving in the dark can alter depth perception, compromise peripheral vision and affect color recognition, this means that drivers need to take steps to be safe in the evening hours.

Cancer survivors face greater risk of suicide

Two recent studies show that the link between cancer survival and suicide is greater than previously believed. Not only do survivors suffer from depression, sadness, distress and grief, some survivors also face physical disfigurement and crushing debt that leads to a feeling of hopelessness.

Surgeon faces penalties for mistaking kidney for tumor

New Jersey patients expect to be consulted before a medical procedure is performed on them. However, a Florida woman didn't receive that standard of care when she underwent back surgery in 2016. During the procedure, the surgeon mistook one of her kidneys for a cancerous tumor and removed it without her consent. The doctor has already settled a lawsuit filed by the patient and now faces potential penalties from the Florida Department of Health.

Misdiagnosis of Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's is a common cause of mobility problems for New Jersey seniors. Trembling is one of the first signs that many people notice. However, it is important to be aware that trembling can also be a sign of some other type of condition. Getting the correct diagnosis is vital for getting the proper type of treatment.

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