Unfortunately, there are several birth injuries that can be caused by negligence. Not all injuries are due to physician mishandling, but some are.

If your baby sustained an injury during birth, it may have been caused by malpractice.

Here are 5 birth injuries that could be caused by doctor negligence:

  1. Facial paralysis. Facial paralysis can last a few weeks or a life-time. It may be caused by forceps or vacuum extraction, when the baby’s nerves become damaged from too much pressure.
  2. Brain injuries. Brain damage can be caused by a lack of oxygen intake. When the infant does not get oxygen right away, seizures, cerebral palsy and brain injuries may occur. The doctor must be careful to monitor the baby’s breathing during and after birth.
  3. Cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy may cause shaking or uncontrollable limb movements. It may also harm brain functions, sight and hearing. Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage at birth.
  4. Spinal cord injuries. A baby may suffer spinal cord injuries when a physician pulls or twists the baby out of the birthing canal. This injury may result in loss of sensation or function of muscles, possibly resulting in paralysis.
  5. Fractures. Most fractures heal. Fractures can happen when a doctor pulls on the baby when they are in the wrong position. Or, when the infant’s shoulder is pulled on too hard or for too long.

As a parent you may be saddened by a doctor’s negligent actions that caused harm to your baby. Seek guidance from friends, family and counselors, if need be.

You may also choose to take legal action against the physician or clinic for pain and suffering you and your baby endured. Many parents don’t plan on taking legal action but ultimately decide to do so. You love your baby, do what you think is best.