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Custody & Parenting Time
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Protecting Parental Rights And Making Co-Parenting Work

Child custody matters can be intense because your kids mean everything to you. The court presumes both of you will be involved, but you may have different ideas about the parenting arrangements and what is best for your child.

The McDonough Law Office helps you assert your parental rights and problem-solve those co-parenting dilemmas. Our family law attorney will explain the law and explore the options with you.

Custody issues? Call our Woodstown office at 856-624-3644.

Child Custody And Related Family Matters

Allison McDonough handles all aspects of New Jersey family law and divorce proceedings, including issues pertaining to children:

  • Joint custody and parenting time in divorce
  • Custody rights of unmarried fathers
  • Establishing or contesting paternity
  • Child support determination, modification or enforcement
  • Custody modification, such as increased parenting time
  • Court permission for parent relocation
  • Grandparent custody or guardianship

Sole custody is rare, unless one parent is incarcerated or deemed unfit by the court. In most cases parents will have joint legal custody (shared decision-making) and joint physical custody (shared but not necessarily equal parenting time). The parents will also be bound by a parenting agreement that outlines weekly schedules, exchanges, holidays, summer vacation and other details of co-parenting.

Sound Guidance For Custody Issues

Changing the parenting arrangements after the initial divorce or custody decree is difficult. That’s why it is so important to get it right on the front end. Allison McDonough was a law clerk in the Salem County family courts as well as Gloucester and Cumberland counties. She knows which factors the judges give most weight to when determining custody or ruling on a modification. When your child’s well-being and your relationship with your child are at stake, you need sound advice and every edge you can get.

Our lawyer is also trained in family law mediation. Ms. McDonough can serve as a third-party mediator to help parents resolve custody disputes, rather than relying on the court to impose a solution.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

We will explain your legal rights and remedies and give our best assessment of how the court would rule, so you know where you stand regarding custody and support. We will do everything we can to protect your parental rights and your child’s best interests. Call us at 856-624-3644 to arrange a free, confidential consultation, or contact us online.