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We are very glad to meet with clients virtually in order to reduce unnecessary travel or limit in-person contact during these challenging times. Your peace of mind is our first priority.
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We Help You Control The Things You Can

The New Jersey divorce laws are fairly clear and straightforward. The court is not concerned with why you are divorcing or who filed first. What’s important is how you get divorced and whether the result is fair and reasonable.

The McDonough Law Office helps you get past the emotions to think clearly and strategically about your divorce. Allison McDonough is your advisor, your negotiator and – if necessary – your courtroom warrior.

Call 856-624-3644 to schedule a confidential divorce consultation.

A Big Picture Perspective On Your Divorce

Some clients are shocked to learn New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. That means all wealth acquired during the marriage is split approximately 50-50. Some clients are understandably focused on their spouse’s transgressions. But New Jersey has no-fault divorce. Why the marriage is ending has little or no bearing on the proceedings.

We help you focus on the issues that truly matter and the things that are within your control. Our attorney can address:

  • Which assets are marital property and which are exempt
  • What to do about the marital residence
  • Whether alimony is likely in play
  • Business valuations and other appraisals
  • Responsibility for loans and debts
  • The nuts and bolts of custody and co-parenting
  • Setting emotions aside to think of divorce as a legal “transaction”

The McDonough Law Office makes sure you have the information to make good decisions about divorce and related family law matters. Then we help you determine priorities and explore trade-offs and creative solutions to reach a settlement.

We Won’t Back Down From A Fight

The judge will not authorize a lopsided or patently unfair settlement, so it’s not about “winning” your divorce. But sometimes there is no middle ground or the other side plays hardball. We are a litigation firm and we have got your back if going to court is the only way forward.

Ms. McDonough is also trained in divorce mediation. If you and your spouse are committed to “working it out” she can serve as a neutral mediator to help you hammer out the details. Mediation is nonbinding, but usually leads to a settlement. Food for thought.

Compassionate And Practical Divorce Counsel

Allison McDonough has a degree in psychology and clerked for several years in the family courts of Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester counties. She is uniquely qualified to help you deal with the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce. All three are important!

She offers a free, confidential consultation. Call 856-624-3644 or contact us online.