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Surgical Mistakes
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An Attorney Who Has An M.D. Evaluates Cases Of Surgical Mistakes

Anticipating and undergoing surgery is a risky venture. Rewards can be great when all goes as hoped for. Unfortunately, problems often occur when something goes wrong. Medical mistakes during or after surgery can cause serious harm to patients.

In the aftermath of a surgical mistake, consulting with an attorney is a wise next step. Prompt legal action can help an injured patient obtain resources to cover additional medical bills, replace lost wages, and acknowledge pain and suffering. The McDonough Law Office in Woodstown, Salem County, is a valuable resource for New Jersey patients and their families after surgical mistakes have occurred.

We Are Uniquely Qualified To Help

As a doctor and a lawyer, Martin T. McDonough, M.D., J.D., is sensitive to the many things that can go wrong during an operation despite a doctor’s diligence and best efforts. The entire legal team at the firm is also well-aware of the challenges that patients face after surgical mistakes have done serious damage.

Attorney Martin T. McDonough. M.D., J.D., has established a strong reputation for his ability to evaluate potential medical malpractice cases efficiently and accurately. His medical knowledge, along with his legal knowledge, gives the law firm an edge in terms of timeliness of case evaluations. Together with attorneys Emily A. McDonough and Allison A. McDonough, he helps many clients prepare efficiently and confidently for the next steps after a surgical error mishap.

For A Free Consultation After A Surgical Error, Contact Us

Reviewing cases involving surgical mistakes, attorneys at The McDonough Law Office are here to help. Call 856-624-3644 or email the law firm to schedule a discussion regarding any potential medical malpractice matter.